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Currently Active Programs




Your donation will help us maintain and implement new programs.

As a social assistance, community based organization, CBO, we strive to provide all families with a respectuful and reliable service as well as tools, and resources possible for them to achieve a dignified standard of life.  The most basic strategy to achieve our vision is to create awareness among families and communities.

Currently GFAS has implemented these programs:

Parkinson Disease Latino Support Program (Parkinson-GFAS.ORG).

Promotores Embajadores de Parkinson (PMdeP / PMDEP.ORG).

Promotores de Salud: This program hosts two initiatives:

Covered Ca. Outreach & Education Program (CCOEP).

Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance Program (HIEAP).






GFAS Enrollment Centers


10861 Acacia Parkway
Garden Grove Ca 92840

Main Office Phones

(714) 928 - 4988

(714) 982 - 6571

Emal: info'@'giveforasmile'.'org'

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Program Descriptions

Parkinson-GFAS: Program established in 2021 for wish we are offering a Parkinson support group and resources for the Latino community in Spanish from around the world. The main purpose of the program is to ... Click here to learn more!

PMdeP: Promotoras Embajadoras de Parkinson.  This project was born in 2021 with the idea of ​​gathering a group of expert collaborators with extensive experience in Parkinson's and working with the Latino community in different health areas and who have, like Give for a Smile, a great passion for their work and they firmly believe that the education and awareness of our community can make a difference. With this program we train community Leaders, people affected with the Parkinson's disease, their cargivers and public in general who wants to learn. The frst part of this program we train them as Promotores de Saludand the second part we provide the Parkinson's especialization. This is a 70 hrs. training where we meet via zoom on Saturdays for 4 hours.

We also train Promotores de Salud. These promotores perfrom a series of very importan and relevant tasks to help our communities:

CCOEP: Initiative create to provide education to families regarding health insurace coverage new laws, changes, government dispositions, pre-screening, new program and resources, qualifications, who's, when's, and why's. We are offering this service at approximately twenty locations where we have already established partnerships and/or a collaborative with.

HIEAP: Iniciative created to assist all families from Orance , LA, and SanBernardino counties regardless of religious or ethnic background, sexual orientation, and social economic status find the most economical health insurance coverage available through all different resources available in the safety net. As Covered CA Certified counselors, we help families find health plans avalable under the California's health-net, in addition, we help families apply for Medi-Cal and have direct access to thier on line application and access to all benefits offered. We always thrive to find the most affordable solution for our clients in addition to spending the time to thoroughly explain the benefits details. This service is offered to new, returning, or individuals who have experienced a life status changed that requires a change of coverage. Enrollments, renewals, and current plan modifications are done at the same locations described in the previous program. Here is a eligibility table that will help you have a better idea of what halth coverage you are elegible to (Click here)

We have obtained an NPI as CHW or Promotores

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