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GFAS (Give For a Smile) - About Us

Give For a Smile (GFAS) a 501(c) 3 community-based organization, was created with the purpose to provide social assistance to the less fortunate families of all ethnic background and focusing on the Latino communities of Orange County. This initiative grew from the experience Adriana Jimenez de Gallardo obtained from previous experience working as a social assistant. She noticed the cumbersome system which made it hard for her to provide any assistance without having to waste time with the bureaucratic systems; thus the desire to create her own helping organization. Her husband Julio supported her in this endeavor and together founded GFAS in the year 2011. Today GFAS has served over 15,000 people.

Adriana Jimenez de Gallardo came from Guadalajara Mexico had a Masters in Finances and three years of Psychology from ITESO. The former education was an inconclusive and much-desired dream to become an advocate for the under-represented communities. In the year 2008, Adriana also attended to Santa Ana College where she obtained a Human Development certification. Her career path has always been pointing towards social assistance and helping others.

Julio Gallardo came from Chile in the year 1988 bringing a technical degree in Business Administration. Once arrived in USA, he began studying computer technology obtaining an MCP and several diplomas in computer technology. His passion for learning and desire to become an engineer as well as to set an example to his kids inspired him to pursue Electrical Engineering at Cal-Ste Fullerton graduating in December 2017. Along the way he worked as arts and craft instructor for special needs kids in Compton Ca. This was an experience that inspired him to help the less fortunate ones and to establish a special connection with them. Before starting at CSUF, Julio helped his wife Adriana forming GFAS as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. Now after completing his schooling, begun actively helping GFAS with the administration and organization with the award GFAS obtained from One-OC (Champions for Changemakers) in 2018. We have and still are actively attending trainings to more effectively provide GFAS better tools and resources to help more communities. We have patnered with CCHI since 2015 actively helping with Covered Ca and Medical applications in OC and LA counties.




To provide tools and resources to all low-income families that will allow them to reach a dignified standard of life.

To achieve our vision, GFAS has implemented four programs.

We are convinced that all families must be healthy to pursue their dreams and goals. Our program HIEA, "Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance", was implemented to assist all families find, enroll, and retain an affordable or sometimes even free health coverage.

Our communities must be kept informed regarding new medical plans, restrictions, laws, and dispositions Covered Ca. has set in place. For this purpose, we have implemented CCOE, "Covered Ca. Outreach & Education" program.

Today there is a devasting neurological disorder affecting many members of our communities, Parkinson. Among the affected people is Mr. Adrian Jimenez, the father of our CEO Adriana Jimenez. Mr. Jimenez has been suffering from this unfortunate disease for twelve years. This program PDLSG "Parkinson Disease Latino Support Group", has taken a higher relevance for our cause and the desire to reach our communities has become a top priority because Latinos we are among the least informed regarding Parkinson; hence our outreach, conferences, and support groups have become vital.


We are currently serving the communities of Stanton, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Westminster, Huntington Beach, Orange, Santa Ana, and Anaheim. Also this year 2023 we have began servicng LA County in cities such LA and Pomona.

We have actively participated with the ACA health reform implementation and collaborating. We have an MOU and actively working as a partnership with with organizations such as CCHI, Covered CA, Vision, and Compromiso,

Organizations we have established partnerships and actively collaborating with: Jamboree, Tremble Clef of OC, CCHI, Molina, Fullerton Family Resource Center, and Parkinson's Association.


GFAS Enrollment Centers

10861 Acacia Parkway
Garden Grove Ca 92840

Main Office Phones

(714) 928-4988

(714) 982 - 6571

FAX (714) 462-6116


(626) 589 - 1958


Emal: info'@'giveforasmile'.'org'

Our assisters can help you with your Medi-Cal application and Case.






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